Watercolor Therapy

“Visual Imagery” is a medical/psychological term used as a way of relaxation for patients confined at the hospital or at home. It helps patients to relax, diverting their attention from sensations of pain to a mode of relaxation by watching a beautiful and colorful image such as photographs and paintings. I believe a watercolor painting is a good source of a beautiful image. Its bright and intense colors attract a viewer’s attention. Its transparency and luminous style can help to ease one’s view. Through its simplicity, it calms our mind and our thought process.  Especially if the subject of a watercolor painting is scenery, flowers, still life, landscapes and cityscapes. No wonder, some of the hospital rooms has a painting of a still life or a landscape to help patients recover through a quiet and peaceful environment. As a registered nurse and as an artist, I believe that watercolor painting is a good example of a visualization therapy and should be placed at hospital walls, wards and private rooms.





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The Watercolor Medium

I have been an artist for quiet a long time and favorite medium is Watercolor. What fascinates me to use this is its transparency and luminosity. Particularly, I use the brand Prang. In watercolor, you can use a lot of different techniques unlike other mediums such as oil, acrylic, pastels and colored pencil which only has a limited ways using it. I have also been an art teacher before, and every time

"Park Cafe"

"Park Cafe"

I introduce the watercolor medium to my students, they are always been astonished with what the watercolor medium do. I always find time to visit any book sale stores and look for any American Artist Magazine and buy the watercolor issue. I know there are a lot of watercolor enthusiasts out there who share the same passion with me. So I welcome your ideas and suggestions about this fascinating medium that any artist can handle.

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